Sunday, 19 December 2010

The end of the road?

I'm starting to think my blog is stupid. My mum read it and then said "this is really boring". This distressed me greatly. I guess there is no theme to my blog. Just my inner turmoil and triumphs. Maybe could develop a theme. Like a political one?or one publishing my awesome poems?Argggh but that is effort and I have bigger fish to fry. rite now I like just publishing these streams of consciousness. Oh well. maybe I'll keep a diary instead. Just write in this blog when I have an inspiring or relevant thought. Well thank you to all 10 followers, its been emotional. Farewell.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

me again!

Just have to post this wonderful follow up to the announcement of my debut album "horizontal days"

Ronak said:- "cannot wait for the release of horizontal dayz lol! featuring the hit smash singles 'You What??', 'Politricks 4 Real' and the epic ballad 'Ain't no n*gger got a thang on my ginger (apart from maybe mark kenya) ft mc westg8' " 

Made me laugh for quite a long time.
This is Ronak btw (the really excited looking one in the middle)

this is me laughing at his joke

Ok as you can tell im very bored. Iv done 0/3000 words for this essay. I simply do not care if China and Japan will ever be friends. Had the worst semi today (seminar). I looked reaaaaalllllyyyy stupid  coz i started rambling on about China in relation to "the rest of "SouthEast Asia. Lena than proceeded to tell me that China wasnt in south east Asia. I then tried to change the subject by asking her what her favourite Asian country was. This essay will be interesting...

   Maybe ill sort my secret santa present out. Its gonna be well this space.


                                                                          An Ode to Ronak

             Ronak, Ronak, where for art thou?
            We used to live together, but im somewhere else now.
            I'll be there in spirit, on the side of the couch
           Kicking BoySam, whilst he cries "ouch".
          You'll laugh like a girl, at me being mean
          and cry "dont Nat, he hasnt got a spleen"
         But no, theres a space and the sofa looks bleak,
         A single tear will roll down your little Asian cheek.
         Dont worry young Ronak, we will reunite
         Once Matt and Boysam, stop being little gobshites.



Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Horizontal Days.

Hello All.
Wow its 2.30 and I have an essay due in, in 24 hours :O.And no, it is not finished and even worthy of a 2.2. What is happeninggggg?I have had 9 hours sleep, a hangover coke, toast, loads of water and my advent calender chocolate and im STILL bearing the brunt of last nights alcohol fuelled antics!!Im getting too old for this shit, was fun though!!!!Probably one of the best nights in my 3 years at uni.  I'll look back at this blog and think about how I had it so easy!U cant down quad vods and dance like you've been possessed by a retarded Beyonce when you have kids and a job (well you could but only if your kids are chavs and you work in ASDA). Some of my refined snobbery coming through!well I am from Surrey daaahling! (I should point out that im not actually a snob and theres nothing wrong with working in ASDA, I work at the Sausage shack for Gods sake!). Anywaaaay as I was saying, last night was blaaaaady amazing. We danced for 5 hours straight, I was able to reunite with my old house bff, spend time with my housemates (first time we've all been out as a house) and dance with my coursemates all in one place!!Sickkkk.
 However today is going to be one of those "horizontal days" (incidentally, iv decided if I ever make it as a straight up gangsta rapper, which I probably will, my albums is going to be called "Horizontal Dayz").I can barely move, my brain has broken and I still have series 3 of Waterloo Road to finish ( I love Mr Clarkson -->). Therefore I will spend the whole day lying down, hence the term "horizontal days". I love hangovers, they are so luxurious and indulgent :)

Goodbye all

Monday, 29 November 2010

Tamagotchi Land: My debut!

Tamagotchi Land: My debut!: "Welllll looks like I finally conformed. Think this blog is going be a main tool for procrastination, also a method of emptying my ever clutt..."

Sunday, 28 November 2010

words of hatred and anger but also joy.

This is a list of things that have annoyed me and made me joyful over the past few days.It would be easier to categorize my woes and joys.
  • Showbiz:-
  • I had a dream that Alan Sugar was holding us all at gunpoint in a warehouse and now I dont like him anymore.
  • I have grown very disillusioned by Cher Lloyd's "swagga". Now I think she's just a brat. Also she needs to eat a pie.I still want her to win though.
  • Now I have "Turn my swag on" in my head. 
  • Weather 
  • Its -1000 degrees outside and this has created many subannoyances such as...
  • I cannot feel my usual sexy and alluring self wearing three jumpers. 
  • I just want to be in bed ALL the time which in turn means...
  • Academia
  • MASSIVELY behind on work. I think the uni should give us an extension on our deadlines so we can hibernate for a little while.
  • I dont give a fuck about the transformations in east Asia, which is a shame as I have a 3000 word essay and 2 hour exam on it soon. Would help if our lecturer wasnt a quivering wreck
  • Image
  • I have two new spots.
  • I need to insulate myself coz its so COLD, which in turn means im eating twice as much and am developing a rather fat face.O well, makes me look kinder.
  • Love Life.
  • My scented candle has run out n Westgate's about to come over and make my room smell.
  • Financial
  • Student loans company have fucked up and I have to ring them to get monies
  • Work have lost all my work details so im owed two months pay which ill never get coz head office are a bunch of CORRUPT LIARS.
  • I have a dress that i need to take back coz it was too big but its past the refund date and I probs wont get my money back.
Ok Technically i should try and think of things that have made me happy over the past few days, so im not so filled with venom and disdain.
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  • I met Ted from Scrubs. he was nice. 
  • Wagners gone from X Factor and im glad coz he was quite rapey.                                                                                                                           Academia:-
  • First bit of coursework back-got 65, not too shabby.
  • I've finally found the perfect Post-Grad course in marketing and its right here in wonderful Southampton                                                                                                                                                  Love-Life
  • Despite Toms flatulence he still makes me happier than I thought any guy could ever make me.               
  •  House.
  • Right now im enjoying nothing more than a chilled cosy night in with the girls watching crap TV and eating delicious meals .
  • We are all (hopefully) going to Dublin when Jan exams are done
  • We are all definitely going to the winter ball which is in just over a week :)
  • Me and Sam got very drunk last night and discovered that we were better dancers than Cher Lloyd, with much more swagga and definitely have a chance of becoming professional hip hop dancers.
  • Mel's brought us delicious cake.
That's my week summarized.
Ok im going to bed BYEEEEE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 25 November 2010

My debut!

Welllll looks like I finally conformed. Think this blog is going be a main tool for procrastination, also a method of emptying my ever cluttered head. Also I want to follow Westgate's blog and mock him.Surely that doesnt make me like those "cyber bullys" you hear about on the news?Oh well he deserves to be mocked. Anywhooo, never really got the point of blogging (other than my ones mentioned above'). You cant be really honest on it, not like a diary. Its like facebook statuses. Facebook asks you to say "whats on your mind?"-but the few people that actually say what is on their mind (e.g.- Chloe* thinks someone needs to grow up...Jessica* is really horny...Matt* reckons we shuld deport those fuckin poppy burnin muslims etc etc)- end up  being laughed at and shunned forever more! I should know, me and my cruel housemates have spend many an hour loling and shunning said people.
Oh well, we'll see how this goes. Could be fun :). Time for a cigarette, a cup of tea and  some actual real life work!