Thursday, 25 November 2010

My debut!

Welllll looks like I finally conformed. Think this blog is going be a main tool for procrastination, also a method of emptying my ever cluttered head. Also I want to follow Westgate's blog and mock him.Surely that doesnt make me like those "cyber bullys" you hear about on the news?Oh well he deserves to be mocked. Anywhooo, never really got the point of blogging (other than my ones mentioned above'). You cant be really honest on it, not like a diary. Its like facebook statuses. Facebook asks you to say "whats on your mind?"-but the few people that actually say what is on their mind (e.g.- Chloe* thinks someone needs to grow up...Jessica* is really horny...Matt* reckons we shuld deport those fuckin poppy burnin muslims etc etc)- end up  being laughed at and shunned forever more! I should know, me and my cruel housemates have spend many an hour loling and shunning said people.
Oh well, we'll see how this goes. Could be fun :). Time for a cigarette, a cup of tea and  some actual real life work!

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