Sunday, 28 November 2010

words of hatred and anger but also joy.

This is a list of things that have annoyed me and made me joyful over the past few days.It would be easier to categorize my woes and joys.
  • Showbiz:-
  • I had a dream that Alan Sugar was holding us all at gunpoint in a warehouse and now I dont like him anymore.
  • I have grown very disillusioned by Cher Lloyd's "swagga". Now I think she's just a brat. Also she needs to eat a pie.I still want her to win though.
  • Now I have "Turn my swag on" in my head. 
  • Weather 
  • Its -1000 degrees outside and this has created many subannoyances such as...
  • I cannot feel my usual sexy and alluring self wearing three jumpers. 
  • I just want to be in bed ALL the time which in turn means...
  • Academia
  • MASSIVELY behind on work. I think the uni should give us an extension on our deadlines so we can hibernate for a little while.
  • I dont give a fuck about the transformations in east Asia, which is a shame as I have a 3000 word essay and 2 hour exam on it soon. Would help if our lecturer wasnt a quivering wreck
  • Image
  • I have two new spots.
  • I need to insulate myself coz its so COLD, which in turn means im eating twice as much and am developing a rather fat face.O well, makes me look kinder.
  • Love Life.
  • My scented candle has run out n Westgate's about to come over and make my room smell.
  • Financial
  • Student loans company have fucked up and I have to ring them to get monies
  • Work have lost all my work details so im owed two months pay which ill never get coz head office are a bunch of CORRUPT LIARS.
  • I have a dress that i need to take back coz it was too big but its past the refund date and I probs wont get my money back.
Ok Technically i should try and think of things that have made me happy over the past few days, so im not so filled with venom and disdain.
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  • I met Ted from Scrubs. he was nice. 
  • Wagners gone from X Factor and im glad coz he was quite rapey.                                                                                                                           Academia:-
  • First bit of coursework back-got 65, not too shabby.
  • I've finally found the perfect Post-Grad course in marketing and its right here in wonderful Southampton                                                                                                                                                  Love-Life
  • Despite Toms flatulence he still makes me happier than I thought any guy could ever make me.               
  •  House.
  • Right now im enjoying nothing more than a chilled cosy night in with the girls watching crap TV and eating delicious meals .
  • We are all (hopefully) going to Dublin when Jan exams are done
  • We are all definitely going to the winter ball which is in just over a week :)
  • Me and Sam got very drunk last night and discovered that we were better dancers than Cher Lloyd, with much more swagga and definitely have a chance of becoming professional hip hop dancers.
  • Mel's brought us delicious cake.
That's my week summarized.
Ok im going to bed BYEEEEE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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