Friday, 25 February 2011


Well, shows what your know MUM! EIGHT people have asked me to start blogging again!They said my posts weren't boring and she was just jealous! So yeh, how are you all?Good. SOOO much has changed since I last blogged. For a start, my ceiling fell through!That was bad...
Me in the wake of the destruction.                                                                   

Then it got fixed which was good. Still, it happened a week before exams-NOT COOL POSH PADS! Plus, Im only gonna get like 30 quid compensation.You cant get anything with 30 quid!
  Hmmm what else is news. Still not feelin the whole degree thing and am distinctly average compared to my very intellectual course mates. Oh well at least I have my dazzling wit and sparkling personality to back me up. I have also applied to do a much more interesting MSc in Marketing Management. The megalomaniacs haven't got back to me yet so I assuming that its a yes. 
   Oh and I have brown hair now with a fringe. I figured it would make me seem more intellectual. Hasn't worked. The fringe has covered up my gigantic fivehead though yaaay.
Right I must get back to work. I am currently in the library trying to do some dissertation work. I am basically arguing that Britain is ruled by the rich and the rest of us civilians may as well give up and be oppressed by them forever more. I dont actually feel like that but Clare Saunders said it has to be interesting and engaging from the very beginning. With this in mind, I may start the dissertation with...
BOOM!That was the sound of the oppression bomb being detonated by British Politicians, exploding everywhere and destroying the freedom of  your very soul.
Sounds like a 1st already right? Cool best crack on with the rest of it now...