Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Horizontal Days.

Hello All.
Wow its 2.30 and I have an essay due in, in 24 hours :O.And no, it is not finished and even worthy of a 2.2. What is happeninggggg?I have had 9 hours sleep, a hangover coke, toast, loads of water and my advent calender chocolate and im STILL bearing the brunt of last nights alcohol fuelled antics!!Im getting too old for this shit, was fun though!!!!Probably one of the best nights in my 3 years at uni.  I'll look back at this blog and think about how I had it so easy!U cant down quad vods and dance like you've been possessed by a retarded Beyonce when you have kids and a job (well you could but only if your kids are chavs and you work in ASDA). Some of my refined snobbery coming through!well I am from Surrey daaahling! (I should point out that im not actually a snob and theres nothing wrong with working in ASDA, I work at the Sausage shack for Gods sake!). Anywaaaay as I was saying, last night was blaaaaady amazing. We danced for 5 hours straight, I was able to reunite with my old house bff, spend time with my housemates (first time we've all been out as a house) and dance with my coursemates all in one place!!Sickkkk.
 However today is going to be one of those "horizontal days" (incidentally, iv decided if I ever make it as a straight up gangsta rapper, which I probably will, my albums is going to be called "Horizontal Dayz").I can barely move, my brain has broken and I still have series 3 of Waterloo Road to finish ( I love Mr Clarkson -->). Therefore I will spend the whole day lying down, hence the term "horizontal days". I love hangovers, they are so luxurious and indulgent :)

Goodbye all

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