Thursday, 3 March 2011


Hello all. 
SO good and bad news this week. I got onto my Masters course

Need a 2.1 though.Oh well, it can be done. Bye bye social life. I have been working on my dissertation at a snails pace. So far I have 700/10,000 words-so getting there! Plus I NEED to go out tonight because its election night for SUSU pres and various sabbaticals, some of whom happen to be my friends. Also its an excuse to get drunk. 
All the campaigning has been rather  exciting and interesting. It clearly isn't just a popularity contest, these student do feel quite passionate about our union. Some really mature and well thought out proposals were put forth by the candidates throughout the campaigning. Seemed kind of like a microcosm of the general elections. Except Cameron, Clegg and Brown didnt go around campaigning with fake tashes and animal costumes. Anyway,I am quite keen to run for Welfare sabb next year. I already have alot of good ideas that wont go up on here as they are so genius, people will steal them. Im rather enthused! My slogan (coz my name is Nathalie Hulbert) will be N-Hubz-na na naaaaaaai, no more sad faces at Southampton! Genius!

In other news, guess who I love who this time last week I hated...

That is right, much to the disgust of my peers, I am now a belieber!!!
I went to see Never say Never yesterday and im not even being sarcastic-it was a truly inspiring story. He has had to work pretty hard from a very young age to get to where he is now. Plus anyone with the balls to run up to Usher and be like "im your biggest fan let me sing one of your songs for you" and keeps going even when brushed aside gets my vote. If he is a bit bratty its coz he's young. He's new to the fame thing and doesn't know how to respond. LEAVE BIEBER ALONE!!!!Plus he taught me everything I know about love....
Back to bad news now...I burnt my hand!!!!!

My hand is on fiiiiiiiiiire
Not cool!!I burnt it yesterday making Thai red curry.I had to eat it with one hand in a bowl of water. Got a bit messy. Then I put a disinfectant bandage on it til it heals up, which makes me look like im really ghetto (which I am) and have been in a fight. 
Who the fuck invented pans with metal handles!!! Did they not do science SATs!!!METAL CONDUCTS HEAT!Even I know that!!!Being that stupid they really should not be in the pan making industry. Right, back to work/maybe having some pasta. I love carbs.



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